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About Me


Audrey Hepburn, Grace Jones & Edith Piaf all sang it beautifully, and while it is indeed a love song in the truest sense of the word and immensely romantic, to me it's also a love song to life itself. My glasses are often rose colored and that's how I like it, that's how I've survived. The light wherever I live always turn cherry, rose, apricot & gold within a week, making old wooden furniture, green lush plants, trinkets and birds with accents of gold and sparkly vintage dresses all glimmer and come to life with a soft glow. My home is my magical garden, my paradise, my queendom, and there, beauty, calm, kindness, good old music, good food and good vibes rule. I'm more and more letting this world, my inner exterior, bloom into my art, which will be more and more evident as time goes by. I had visions of difficult topics I would like to talk about through art, but not now, not yet. The world is tough as it is, right now it's beauty, kindness and hope that we need. I'm here in my lovely rose-coloured world and I want to share it with you.

La Vie En Rose


A little more...

I feel like I've lived several lifetimes in one, with completely different stories and adventures.

I grew up in the summers in the forests of Småland, and the school years I spent in Lund, a small university city in the south of Sweden. I studied at a culinary school and became a chef, worked for a few years in Sweden, Denmark, England & Australia, loving parts of it but knowing that it wasn't really for me. I wanted more than anything to travel the world and be free and go deeper into the mysteries of life, and so I did.


I quit, got a guitar and went wherever life brought me. I travelled through continents, countries and cities singing and playing, meeting a lot of people whom I now dearly wish I could see again. I went through all kinds of life-changing and mind-altering experiences, the best of the best and the worst of the worst and one day I might be ready to truly tell my story.


Right now I'm kind of recalibrating after these years of freedom & wilderness and finding myself in new territory, on solid ground with clear goals and a different vision than before. I've almost completed one year of Art School in Växjö, Sweden, and in June I'm moving to Marseille to live with my fiancé Tiérou and continue my artistic journey from there. 


I have a lot to share with the world and I want to share it through Art and Music

Love, Mirjam
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